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Does your business have a strong sense of ethics?

Yes, we at Groovi Gee are very conscious to be socially ethical in all of our practices and the manufacturing of our products.

Do you employee children or have an illegal practices in manufacturing?

A resounding ‘No’ to all parts of the question above! One of our main priorities is to protect children. We would never endanger any child’s life or do anything illegal in our manufacturing.

How much waste does Groovi Gee generate?

We strive to have the smallest carbon footprint possible here at Groovi Gee. We strive to ensure that we make us of every scrap of fabric we can so that we waste very little.

How much packaging do you require to ship your items?

We use the least amount of packaging possible. We put just enough to make sure your product stays safe and secure. The packaging we use has an additive called Biothene®, which makes the plastic biodegradable. Which means we’ll leave the Earth a little better then we found it.

What size of bandana bib should I order?

-Neck size 30–35cm; drop from chin to point 17cm

-XL Neck size 35–40cm; drop from chin to point 21cm

-XXL Neck size 40–50cm; drop from chin to point 22cm

What are Bandana Bibs made of?

To create our bandana bibs we use great jersey cotton that is soft, doesn’t fray, and actually absorbs the dribble bound to occur when baby is eating. The back of the bandana bib has a fleece backing that (much like the front) prevents dribble from soaking through to your baby’s outfit. We also use nickel-free poppers for our Bandana Bibs. As with all of our products we only use water-based dyes in our screen-printing. More than anything we put a lot of love into our product along with our money-back guarantee.

Cotton Bibs vs. Bandana Bibs

We introduced the cotton bibs after our customers in France kept requesting a bib with cotton backing. French mums had such a demand for the cotton bib because their hot summers made French mums ask for a lighter alternative to the bandana bib. Some babies have very sensitive skin. The cotton bib breathes a little and the cotton bib is less irritating on their delicate skin. The bandana bib offers a lot more protection against dribble that cotton bibs just don’t measure up to.

Do you use poppers or velcro for your bibs?

Here at Groovi Gee we use nickel-free poppers for all of our bibs. We believe that they will cause lessdamage to other clothing when washed. 

What if my order arrives late?

First of all we’re really sorry that your order is late. Having great customer service is one of our number one priorities. Our mail service provider, typically Royal Mail, needs approx. fifteen working days to deliver the package. This allows them to have a reasonable amount of time to deliver your order.  Once those fifteen days have passed if you still haven’t received your package please contact us via email Please include the following information-your name, the delivery address, your date of purchase, and your personal transaction number. We’ll alert the carrier once we’ve confirmed that your package was not delivered to you. 

Ordering From Overseas

We have sent our products to every country in the European Union, to Iceland, Norway, , Canada, Chile, Mexico, Japan, Australia (lots), New Zealand, Indonesia, China, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, India, and even to Guam. How cool is that? That’s a lot of different mums and babies benefitting from our products. We don’t have access to every country as of yet, but please keep checking back or contact us see if we can ship our products to your country.

Shipping Overseas

If you would like your order shipped overseas please see our mail service provider for their prices when delivering overseas.

Credit Card Security

Credit card security is very important to us here at Goovi Gee to protect your card information we use Braintree. You can learn more at If you do not want to use SagePay you can also make a payment through PayPal ( to make your secure payment without ever entering your credit card number to our site. No matter how you choose to pay all of your payment information is secure. We do not keep your card information in our site. In order to pay you need to either go to Braintree or PayPal. Once your payment is processed it will show as ‘Rosemerta Inc’  on your bank or credit card statement. We also have SSL certificates and employ McAfee to check our security on a daily basis to ensure your information is secure.

How do I cancel an order?

It is possible to cancel your order you can contact us here Our goal is to always get our orders out within 48 hours so your window for cancellation is fairly short. If you’re unable to cancel before we fulfill your order you may look into our exchange and return policy. You’ll have a total of seven business days to cancel your order.

Why do the price of your in Canadian Dollar (CAD) keep changing?

Our company uses the latest foreign exchange prices and updates the sites prices based on the CAD. Being that we are based in the US, the base prices are in the USD. The current foreign exchange rate decides the price of the CAD. Here at Goovi Gee we do not add any margins as some other companies do. If your account is a CAD account your bank may not make you pay any extra fees. 

Response times via phone/email

We understand how precious your time is to you. That’s why we strive to make our response times as short as possible. On average we respond to all emails within two hours during the normal office hours in the East Coast. This is what we strive to do, but during the busier seasons we will not be able to guarantee our two hour response time. However we can guarantee responding within that 24-hour period. If you’re attempting to reach us by phone we strive to answer those calls in real time. If you cannot reach us please leave a message and we will get back to you in 24-hours or less during the same workweek. 

Are your designs intellectual property?

The short answer is yes. All of the designs from Groovi Gee are our intellectual property and are not available for any other companies to use or manufacturer. If anyone is caught making or selling our designs we may be forced to take legal action. This could include seizing stocks and seeking payment for damages. This is something we would rather not do. So please respect all of our hard work and help protect our intellectual property. We strive to make our products safe and hold a high standard that we do not trust to be fulfilled by anyone else.

Do you offer your products for wholesale prices?

We do offer all of our products for wholesale please contact us here for more details.