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Our products


I used my son as the test pilot for many of the products that we began to sell to our customers. The design is a crucial part to all of our products. We don’t want to just produce run of the mill products for you. We want to create unique and innovative products for our customers.  Many mums will probably agree with me when I say that being a mum drastically changes the way you look at the world and products that you use in your daily life. I realized shortly after having my son that I wanted to do my part to protect him and his future any way I could. So I decided to develop my products to be safe and ecofriendly as possible.  This is my commitment to myself as a mum and all other mums around the world.

Everyday Use

Everyday use is extremely important for us mums, myself included. When choosing baby products the practicality of the product can be an extremely big factor. So many companies attempt to sell you products that you and your baby don’t actually need. This is especially the case when shopping for baby clothes. Our cotton clothes have been designed specifically so that the folds will have a snug fit without being too tight. I have striven to design clothing that serves a purpose and is also practical for everyday use. After all they grow so fast who has a budget to shop for clothes they’ll never use? The promise of everyday use is one that applies to our line of cotton and bandana bibs as well. Every bib we develop we strive to make sure that it fits around your baby’s neck so you’re baby is comfy while having to wear a bib. Our working philosophy on bibs is that parents should only have to buy one set from birth and into their toddler days. This of course is speaking from a functionality point of view. Aesthetically your tastes could always change.

Our promise to you

At Groovi Gee we make a point to be very involved in knowing what materials go into making our products. An example of this is our fabrics. We go to great lengths to ensure that all of our fabrics are certified by OEKO-TEX. This is to ensure the safety of our fabrics and make sure there are no hazardous dyes used in the creation of our fabrics. We were unsatisfied just simply using a solvent dye. While solvent dyes are legal they are not as baby friendly as water based dyes. So we made the decision to use water based dyes to ensure the safety of the children.  It’s also more eco friendly, which is a plus in our book.