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Things we support

All of us here at Goovi Gee wish to have an active role in our community. For us  this means being able to give donations to causes that are close to our hearts. One way that we accomplish this is to give our ‘seconds’ to organizations that strive to support new UK mums that are less fortunate or just in a tight spot at the moment.

After all motherhood is hard enough without having to worry about not having the essentials for baby. Other causes that are near and dear to our hearts are those working to fight childhood diseases. Here at Goovi Gee we want to help these organizations by helping them raise money so they can continue their battles against childhood diseases.

Those are just a couple of causes that we support at the moment. However now that you’re a part of the Goovi Gee family we would love to hear about causes that are near and dear to your heart as well. Some of the charities that we helped raise money for in the last year were Mylo’s Fund, Caudwell Children in the UK, and the Lily Rose Association in France.  We can’t possibly know about every charityin need. That’s where you come in!

Feel free to contact us at anytime with a charity that you believe we would be able to assist. We’ve found that every dollar given makes a world of difference for mums and children in need around the world.